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The My Miracle Baby Customer Care Philosophy

Making customers happy is the key to keeping them. Our success proves that the building blocks of customer happiness is selecting the right products, being honest with customers, and welcoming communications. At My Miracle Baby we know that the foundation of a successful "e-tail store" is customer loyalty, which is the result of customers developing a trusting relationship with us. Trust is established when people -- or a company and its customers -- understand and rely on each other.

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From the beginning, we have listened and encouraged our customers to contact us. We read and respond to all customer letters, cheers and jeers alike, and we welcome and have acted upon many suggestions from this source. If you are reluctant to place an order online, please be assured that our web site is extremely secure and your privacy is our greatest concern. We process 20,000+ orders a year and take great pride in making your experience safe and hassle free. Due to the tremendous volume of calls, please email us at for the quickest response. If you still need to speak to someone live, please call 800-342-2509 and leave a message. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Our own little Miracle Baby Jillian Nicole Bliss
Jillian Jillian Jillian My Miracle Gift Certificates
Jillian Jillian You are more perfect than I could have hoped,
more beautiful than I could have dreamed,
more precious than I could have imagined....
I love you more than I could have ever known!
--- Author Unknown
Last updated October 27, 2009