Drop Ship Baby Gift Program

My Miracle Baby.com has been in business for 7 years and knows the industry well. With this knowledge, we have set up a Drop Ship program whereby you post selected products of ours on your web site. We provide you with a coupon to receive a discount--generally 25%--. Once you've received an order from your customer, you will place an order with us on our site using your coupon code. We will then act as your fulfillment center and ship the item to your customer along with your business card or promotional materials. 

The best part of the program is that you have no inventory to hold or finance, and no shipping hassles. Become an approved partner in our drop ship program and you can instantly add many of our very special boutique baby clothing and unique personalized baby gift items to your own store's offering of products.

We will provide the images, copy and suggested pricing. We ask that you put your own spin on the descriptions so they are not identical to ours but we provide a great base from which you can start.  Many of our very best sellers are available for drop shipping.

Be sure to consider the shipping charges that you will be charged from us so you can buffer it in your sell price. When you become a drop shipper, you will be assigned a coupon code that you will use to place your order to deduct 25%. Shipping is then added to your total using our standard customer rates.

Approximately 200 items are available for drop shipping. This does not include all of the products listed on our site so please be sure only eligible items are posted.

We are here to support you and treat you with care--we know we are representing your business to your customer and we take that very seriously.

Our Drop Ship Wholesale Program is full. Thank you for your amazing support of our products. Please complete the form if you would like to be put on our waiting list.

Setting up stores with product information, pricing, images and support requires dedicated resources from My Miracle Baby. Therefore we ask that your company be in business for for at least 6 months+ with a valid/working web site.

Once approved for drop shipping, click for a list of approved products (xls).

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Last updated September 4, 2007