Living Life as a HBWM (Home-Based Working Mom)

Feature Focus on a HBWM Association Member! ~ February 12, 2008
Donna Bliss Donna Bliss
Nesconset NY
My Miracle, Inc.


What products/services do you offer? offers a large & exciting selection of high quality baby clothing and personalized baby gifts at up to 70% off retail. We are one of the largest home-based baby independent retailer of children's clothing, newborn baby gifts, expectant mom gifts. christening apparel, baby shower favors and more!


Why did you decide to start this particular business and how did you get started?

Back in 2001, after a difficult pregnancy, I lost my job when I could not return to work. 9/11 had just occurred and jobs were scarce. I realized that for the first time, I could look, touch and smell baby items and they filled me with joy. In the past, it had just hurt too much because of the losses I had suffered. But my miracle was here and I couldn't get enough of the baby products that were available.


How do you get your clients? What has been the best method of marketing for you?

I have 20 years of marketing experience so I did it all: postcards, coupons, print ads, link exchanges, giveaways, contests, etc. I also hired an amazing search engine optimizer and she was able to help me rank for the term "baby clothing" - Once we began getting orders, we were able to work from the client base and build on that. The slightest rise or drop in my Google rankings for my key words is felt in our sales numbers.