Every Day’s A Miracle For Long Island Mom

What did you accomplish in 2004?
Business has exploded! Whoever said dot com's were dead hasn't met this work at home mom (WAHM) with a passion for business. Sales are up more than 200% over last year and continues to grow at an astounding rate. Passion, drive and a love for babies has turned a small online baby shop into a full fledged baby superstore!

How did you do it?
After suffering from infertility and several losses, my miracle baby, Jillian Nicole was born and with that birth came a whole new life. Having also lost my job in a difficult economy and inspired by my love for anything baby related, I launched a small clothing site with about 50 products. Now, just 3 years later, business has exploded and the site now offers 2,600 items including bargain clearance items as well as upscale boutique ensembles and everything in between.

What were the major obstacles that you faced?
I was an only child and mom raised me by herself. We laughed that when we got together for dinner it was a "family reunion." She passed away recently at just 57 years old. My original thinking had been that if I could pull this off, she would know longer have to do the 10 hour/6 day a week grind. I never thought for a second she wouldn't be here. Sometimes I don't think I can do this another day with out her and sometimes the only reason I am doing this is because of her. I miss her so much that I ache.

What was the result?
Honestly, the pace of the business is what keeps me going as I figure out how to live without her. I think if I didn't feel so "obligated to succeed" in her memory, I probably would have a tough time just lifting my head off the pillow. Her death has profoundly impacted my world. Her death has also made failure simply not an option for me.

What are your goals for 2005?
I am in an interesting place; outgrowing my current space but not quite in a financial position to take it to the next level which would require moving to a new location. So managing the explosive growth and not letting it get away from me is the biggest challenge. Its not a bad position to be in.

Comments that readers have made about this submission:

Well said Donna. I think she drives the point across that success is passion plus action!
Lori Ramsey - Heber Springs, AR 72543

Donna's passion is evident and her business is an inspirational motivator for others who want to start their own business and still be available for their family!
Lesley Spencer - HBWM.com - Austin TX USA

As one of Donna's designers, I can honestly say that she is an amazing business woman. Customer service is her number one priority and that commitment is reflected in everything she does. As a result of her dedication to detail and her desire to offer the best possible product to her buyers, she has been rewarded with a flourishing website offering incredible quality products at surprising prices. I have designed and shipped several products in record time at Donna's request in order to make sure that a customer has their desired items in time for that special occasion. We truly do go the extra mile to make sure that our customers are well taken care of. Donna is a joy to work with and is always very gracious and encouraging. I am so happy in my partnership with her! Donna, I am so proud of the growth you have experienced with mymiraclebaby.com. You certainly deserve it! Warm regards, Rebecca Cleary www.mymiraclebaby.com hair accessory designer
Rebecca - Malibu, California USA

Dear Donna, I so enjoyed reading about your life and your successful business venture in the internet business. You have given me hope and encouragement that I maybe like you with my babyscrubs one of these days. I am also 57 years old, like your mom, and my heart goes out to you on the loss of your her. There isn't anyone more special that a mom.
Beckie McCuen - Lawrenceville, GA USA

Not only am I a satisfied customer, but a close friend who has seen how Donna's hard work and dedication has succeeded in making her dream become reality. She offers a large selection of beautifully distinct baby gifts, and stands behind her products. That is one of many reasons why her company is so unique. Keep up the good work Donna!!!!
Lynn Martinek - lake grove, new york usa

I have been in contact with Donna from day one of her business startup. She has not changed. Hard working and determined as ever. Always ready to help and to give the best advise. We have shared the worst of times together and she has always been supportive. Best of luck to a great business person!
Marian Stephens - Griffin, Ga. USA

I work with Donna on a daily basis, and have been with her from the start. Building her site has been a joy and seeing it's growth has been an even greater inspiration! I couldn't ask for a better friend or client. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who wonders if it can be done - because she does it every day!
Bec Mueller, PCS - Kensington, Kansas, US

A leader in home based e-commerce!
Barbara Krueger - Kissimmee, FL


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