A Miracle Is Born
as posted on iParentingstories.com

by: Donna Bliss

Our story seems like it started a lifetime ago. After getting married kind of late at 35 years old and having maternal feelings kick into high gear, getting pregnant was the next logical step. It seems I spent my whole life trying not to get pregnant first college, the first job, then the entry into the corporate world, but I was ready to be a mom.

We began planning our family and immediately got pregnant. Wow that was easy! But the sad news is within eight weeks I miscarried. After two more years of trying, I resigned myself to the fact that we needed to go the fertility treatment route. It took 18 more months but we finally became pregnant.

With excitement, we went in for a routine checkup only to find out that this baby was not meant to be. The pregnancy was not "viable," because my hormone levels were not adequately multiplying. The doctor injected a drug known as methatrexate into my system to self-abort and to reduce the chances of my needing another D&C. The drug didn't work, and another dose was administered.

I was concerned because I never did feel right after that but attributed it to the emotional roller coaster of losing this baby, too. During my next checkup the doctor discovered a tiny but strong heartbeat. No one knew how but this baby survived all of this! The little trooper was holding onto life. But because methatraxate is a drug given to treat uterine cancer patients, it causes severe birth defects. Although our hearts did not want to give up, we reluctantly scheduled a D&C and our little one left this world.

After another year of fertility treatments with a new fertility doctor, and yet another miscarriage, I once again became pregnant. I will never forget the day I conceived this child. Despite the fact that the fertility clinic was closed for the holidays, they opened their doors for us, because it's a very small window of time that the procedure will work. It was 1999, the day after Christmas, that we conceived our child.

There were a few scares along the way. What should have been the most exciting times of our lives was filled with trepidation and fear. Some time passed, and I began severely cramping. Everyone was concerned about whether I could hold onto this baby. My fears were soon put to rest when the results of the amnio test came back stating that I had a perfect yes, perfect little girl growing inside me!

Despite having contractions at 27 weeks, my little girl hung on, and 20 hours of labor and one C-section later, Jillian Nicole Bliss was born. She was worth each tear and every bit of heartache we had previously endured.

Jillian turns 2 on September 13 and is the love of my life. She is beautiful, smart and makes me laugh out loud. She loves the beach, duckies, "woo-woos," (dogs) airplanes, broccoli and wearing Mommy's high heels. She truly is our MIRACLE BABY.

Happy 2nd birthday, Jillian Nicole!