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Even in the worst of times, I believed in miracles. . . . Why wouldn't I? My family and business are all tied together in one neat package as the result of a tiny little miracle named Jillian. And in the period of 6 years, I have moved in warp speed from the unemployment line to the president of my own company--My Miracle, Inc.  My "invention" has become the subject of a book about work-at-home Moms, more than a dozen news clips as well as a 2-page accolade in Queens Parenting magazine. The average finished basement has been transformed from a start up with 50 products to a full service baby superstore.

Having emotionally survived infertility and several miscarriages, topped by the loss of my job, I found strength and inspiration in my long-awaited miracle baby, Jillian.  Soon, with a closet full of barely used infant clothes, I began selling on eBay. Seeing the potentially large market for affordable baby clothing and accessories, and applying 20 years of corporate marketing experience with my love for the smell, touch and look of "everything baby" I began this company on a small time budget of several week's severance and a 401K from the previous employer.

Now the company is a thriving corporation that allows me to work from my home most days. We offer more than 2,500 products--including baby basics, baby clothing, personalized newborn gifts and presents for baby showers and christenings. To meet the needs of the high end customer for special occasions and pageants, we offer a baby boutique that features top of the line fancy party dress and boys suits and tuxedos.  I've created a way to combine my corporate marketing strategies and the need to be at home for my daughter, while tackling the bills that just keep on coming.

I now have created a community, a miracle baby family, where you can see the most awe inspiring stories of the tiniest survivors. We give our customers awards: kindest customer, nicest customer, most polite customer, and their photos and comments are posted on our favorite customers page.  We also have a baby photo contest where its nearly impossible to pick the most adorable children.

I consider myself an inventor --or perhaps I've simply reinvented myself.  What I love most about seeing my business prosper, is that it doesn't matter how busy the site gets, I still make my own schedule and take my 6 year old to the bus every day. I have one of the most loyal customer retention rates in the industry and I believe its because customers know I am not only accessible and truly care about their shopping experience but I'm not out to get rich--just make an honest living doing what I am crazy about.

Donna Bliss
My Miracle, Inc.

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