Success Takes Hard Work:
A True Work At Home Mom Business Success
Do you ever wonder what it takes to be truly successful in your home business?  Sure, we all do.  That is why I chose Ms. Donna Bliss to feature this week for our mommy business article.  And what an incredible adventure this is!!

Donna, owner of My Miracle, which sells children's clothing at GREAT PRICES, has experienced both sides of the field, working outside her home and now, after having her baby daughter, owning her own profitable company, located in her home - her basement to be exact.

Getting there wasn't easy.  Donna has faced a lot of trials and tribulations in her life, but she managed to pull herself up to run her own business.

A New Yorker, marketing for a computer software company, she lost her job after 20 years!!  (Where in the world do you begin after long term employment is terminated after 20 years????)  Did her loss keep her down?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!  She had a plan.  Finally having her baby daughter, she put her plan in action with the goal of being at home with her family and earning money.

Where did she get her idea from to start a company selling children's clothing?  Why from her very own daughter, Jillian.  A love of babies and baby items, and accompanied by her extensive marketing skills and education, she opened her own warehouse in her home.

Within six months of starting her business, she has accumulated $40,000 in inventory.  Her investments?  Fairly minimal compared to a lot of other businesses.  She spent $495 to get a children's clothing lot on E-Bay, and then purchased her essential office needs which include a new computer, laser printer, palm pilot, scale, and 800 number, a PO box and storage containers GALORE!!!!

Donna buys discount children's clothes and slightly marks up the price, and BOY it has really taken off!!!  She offers a large selection of children's clothing at 40-70% off retail prices.  So the great prices alone make it a pleasure to shop with her.

When asked how she got her business in the public eye, it wasn't surprising to hear that she gets her company out in the media/publishing business EVERY chance she gets.  This is a woman who is dedicated to making her business work for her.  She went farther to give some ideas to share with you today on how she markets her company, which include:

*  exchanges links with fellow work at home moms

*  hands out "mommy packs" EVERYWHERE that also contain other mommy business wares, so she's also helping other work at home moms.

*  sends out press releases and advertises in e-books

*  offers $5 coupons with every order

*  advertises on all kinds of goods such as totes, business cards, and key chains - all with her business name on them.

She does plan to expand her business to an office building, and that appears to be sooner than later, because, as she had hoped, her business is outgrowing her basement.

Managing a household, raising children, taking care of a spouse, running a successful home business would be overwhelming to most of us, not to mention Donna has just lost her mother (Our deepest sympathies are with you, Donna.) to a bitter battle with lung cancer, but still she has come through it, and her business is thriving.  And here is the kicker, moms.  She still makes time to exercise.  (Is this Wonder Woman or what?)