Q & A with My Miracle Baby

What does the business do?
My Miracle Baby offers deeply discounted infant and children's clothing and a tremendous selection of personalized baby gifts, gift baskets and toys--everything baby!

What's the toughest part of running your biz?
Constantly being "on." While I took my work home when I was with Corporate America, when Friday came I could put it on the shelf. Not so anymore! The 800 line rings at all hours!

What's the most fun part?
I love when my customers are so tickled they have to write to tell me. I really do the customer service thing to the nth degree. Free gifts, coupons for future use, samples and so on. If I make a mistake and send the wrong outfit, I'll let them keep it and I'll send another. I may lose $10 here and there but I've made a customer for my life. I also remind them... In exchange please mark me as one of your favorite places... they inevitably do based on my customer return rate.

School (where, still in school, degree)?
Long Island University BS in criminal justice. Who knew?

Prior jobs or business?
20 years of marketing with software/computer related firms. And a ton of retail experience. I guess that's why I really do 'get it..'--what the customer wants, that is.

Favorite Food?
Lobster hands down. Lazy man's lobster--already taken out of the shell drenched in butter--well that's how I know my hubby still loves me.

Is there any one person or event in your life that led you to go into business for yourself?
My mom. I was an only child and mom raised me by herself. We laughed that when we got together for dinner it was a "family reunion." She passed away just a year ago at just 57 years old. You see, I always needed the steady paycheck and never dreamed of my own business. Mom always thought that if any one could do it I could. She lived here in my home (in fact her apartment was also in my basement and she put up with all those orders and products!). We never thought for a second she wouldn't be here.

Anyone you publicly want to thank?
Mom. Sometimes I don't think I can do this another day with out her and sometimes the only reason I am doing this is because of her. I miss her so much that I ache.

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