Most Common Issues with Preemie Baby Clothes

Most Common Issues with Preemie Baby Clothes

Every baby is a gift to be treasured by their parents, other families, and family friends.  Each new life represents hope, a new beginning, and almost infinite possibility.  Each birth is an occasion for celebration.  This may be even truer when that baby is born prematurely.  Premature babies, aka preemies, are often modern miracles.  Being born prematurely leads to a variety of potential issues including hearing problems, vision problems, kidney problems, and cerebral palsy among them.  Respiratory issues are very common due to the lungs not being fully formed at birth.  It is an anxious and stressful time for new parents as they watch their newborn baby struggle, often with the aid of modern medical machinery and medicines, to live and thrive.  The good news is that preemies have a lot of help.  Today doctors and nurses can do things to help preemies survive and thrive that were never possible before. 

                One of the other common issues for preemies is size.  Preemies are typically much smaller and weigh much less than average newborn babies.  They often remain a smaller size than other babies as they gradually grow to a more average size.  Some people who were born a preemie remain smaller than average for the rest of their life.  This fact does create an issue for parents of preemie babies.  It can be difficult to find baby clothes small enough to fit their preemie.  This during a difficult time when parents are more concerned with their baby’s health and future prospects than with clothes. 

                At My Miracle Baby, we understand that the parents of a preemie have more important things to worry about than baby clothes, but we also understand that clothes are, of course, a necessity that must be addressed.  More than that, we understand that parents want to provide their preemie with baby clothes that fit well and are as adorable as other baby clothes.  Preemie baby clothes might not be the first thing on the mind of a parent but they still want nice things for their baby.  With that in mind, we have created a line of preemie baby clothes that will not only fit the preemie well but are made from quality material and look adorable. 

preemie baby clothes with the convenience of shopping online.  That makes it easy for parents who are busy caring for their preemie.  It also makes it easy for family and friends to buy preemie clothes as gifts.  Every baby deserves a community to care for them.  Preemies have a host of special needs that call for an extra level of support from family and friends.  One way they can show their support is with a gift of preemie clothes. 

The personal touch really makes a gift special.  It shows that care and thought were put into the gift.  It shows that the gift was designed especially for the recipient.  That is why we personalize all our baby gifts.  Any item can be personalized with the baby’s name.  Our website also offers a number of items like soft blankets and personalized bibs that make a great addition to any gift of preemie clothes.    

The needs of each customer are different.  We know that.  When you shop at, you are shopping for high quality preemie clothes at a reasonable price.  You will also receive the best in customer service and get help tailoring your order to your specifications.  We want to make shopping with us easy, convenient and affordable.  Give us a call today!