Things to consider while choosing preemie baby clothes

Preemie Clothes for Baby

Preemies are expected to be treated at all time with great care as they are delicate and very sensitive. This care should be given to the preemies in every aspect that pertain to their welfare. It should even buzz down to the clothes they wear. Due to the tenderness of these preemie bodies, the clothes given to them to wear should be given much consideration and attention in other to match up with their sensitivity. Preemie baby clothes would often differ from the normal baby clothes because they are still in a very critical condition that is expected to be treated with good caution and not some kind of random attitude. It should be capable of providing the comfort and safety the preemie need. Here are a few tips to bear in mind when selecting a preemie clothes.

  • Warmth friendly:

Preemies are very sensitive to the temperature of the environment. They obviously require a warm environment similar to that of their former home, which is their mother’s womb that will assist in regulating their body temperature. Been out of their expected environment, they require an environment that provides them with the comfort they get from their initial habitation.

And note that their clothes play a major role in accomplishing that. Clothing materials that absorb heat energy from the environment is a good option. Avoid clothing materials that reflect heat energy as this has a way of making the preemie cold than required. A good example of these clothing materials is opting for materials that are black as the black color materials are the good absorber of heat energy.

  • Texture level of the cloth:

These preemies skin is still undergoing some biological changes and therefore they are very sensitive to even the slightest change they come in contact with. The cloths texture should, therefore, be considered before they are worn for these preemies.

Avoid clothes with hard textures that can cause the preemie's skin to experience irritability or discomfort. Select cloths with a soft good texture that the preemie's skin wouldn’t even consider it as a threat. It would be very unreasonable to wear preemie clothing materials with hard textures like denim clothing fabric.

  • The chemical composition of the clothing;

Some clothes contain some harsh toxic chemical components that are used for their production. These components can be seen as a threat due to their toxicity when coming in contact with the preemie body. It is therefore advisable to opt for clothing materials that are almost totally manufactured or produced from a natural source of clothing product. A good example is clothing manufactured from the cotton plant.

Clothes manufactured from animal wool are another great option. This is because they tend to contain a lesser quantity of chemical component being added during their production.

  • Physical comfort;

Another important point to take note for preemie clothes is the ability to provide the physical comfort the preemies requires. It would be totally absurd to provide tightly fitted cloth to preemies. Providing clothe that tight firmly to preemie body has a way of causing irritability and discomfort to their body.

Cloths that allow easy movement as well as for good air penetration are good optional preemie clothes. Although this is not equal to saying that they should be worn clothes that are too big or oversized as this also could pose some risk or threat to the comfort of the preemie. But moderation in the physical appearance would go a long way in making the preemies feel safe and comfortable even in their new environment.